Dimplex 30" Opti-V Series Built-In Electric Aquarium

DimplexSKU: VFA2927P

Style: Plug-In
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The Dimplex VFA2927P Opti-V Aquarium uses unprecedented technology to render a virtual aquarium experience that is stunningly beautiful and maintenance-free. The is ideal for commercial installations including lobbies, medical offices, and restaurants. The design features ultra-realistic swimming fish within a three dimensional environment that is vibrant in both color and definition. The perfect blend of magic and realism, the Dimplex VFA2927P Opti-V Aquarium is virtually amazing.

The Aquarium features yellow tang and clown fish, which are both popular, but difficult to maintain in a tank. Enjoy the lifelike behaviour of exotic fish without the need to feed them, clean the tank or maintain the filter, water quality and temperature.

The Aquarium comes in 2 options. Plug-in or Direct Wired.

  • Sound Bubbling of a real aquarium.
  • Virtual Fish High definition video and a three-dimensional illusion creates the soothing effect of a living aquarium.
  • Maintenance-free Operation eliminates the time and cost required to feed fish and clean the tank.
  • Direct-wired designed to be direct-wired to a 120/240V circuit for a seamless look.
  • Remote includes a convenient remote with sound effect volume control.
  • Frame, Wire and Finish! Basic installation requires fewer tradespeople.
  • Ultra-energy Efficient - uses less than 100 watts for incredibly low-cost operation.
  • Ideal for public spaces in commercial installations; meets the strictest building codes.
  • Glass remains cool making it safe for children and pets in any location.
Volts 120V
Watts 32 max
Height, Width,Depth 17 3/4 x 54 1/4 x 13 1/2"
Gross Weight 63 lbs
BTU 109.1 BTU

The Dimplex product includes a 2 year limited warranty covered by the manufacturer.


Dimplex Installation Manual for Opti-V Series

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